Don’t be litter-blind to the crisis

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litter facts
litter facts
litter facts
litter facts
litter facts
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48% of people admit to dropping litter

These are shocking statistics that result from a lack of education and awareness. There is a culture and attitude across the UK of not caring, affecting the very authorities whose duty it is to maintain standards and set examples.

We must do better.

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96 children in the year-group benefited for a fun but clear learning experience of the anti-social behaviour that is littering in the UK. The LitterGram team ensured the experience was fun whilst teaching how we all can to do things differently, the use of technology through the LitterGram App resonated with the children and engaged them beyond the time LitterGram spent with us at the school.

~ Mary Priestley, Headteacher Woodlands Infant and Woodlands Junior Schools, Tonbridge

Identifying the UK’s grot spots

To fix the problem, LitterGram users are mapping the worst affected areas to help councils direct resources effectively.

UK litter map

What can I do to help?

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Contact your council

We want to work with all 433 councils in the UK. Help us make them aware of our free tools and the public support for LitterGram.

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Show your support for LitterGram by visiting our online store, download our posters, arrange a litter pick, watch and share our educational video and most importantly, report litter you see.