Superhero Q&A

We speak to James, our first ever LitterGram superhero. James has reported almost 1,000 incidents in the last 12 months and is leading the fight against litter in Waltham Forest.

How did you find out about LitterGram?

I stumbled upon LitterGram when searching the web for all things related to litter.

How has LitterGram helped with the litter and fly tipping issues in your area?

It has been a godsend, really. It has provided me with a tool to highlight quickly and easily the appalling scale of littering and fly tipping in my borough. At the same time it has enabled me to connect with other like-minded people and share stories.

Has LitterGram helped you to connect with the council to improve the situation?

It has made my council sit up and take notice and also to begin to make small improvements. However, they have a long way to go.

How would you describe LitterGram?

LitterGram provides a platform for litter activists and campaigners to highlight problems and issues in their area. It forces the issues out into the wider public domain where change can be created. It has the potential to do much more.

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