Overwhelming support for #SaveLitterGram

In the last 48 hours LitterGram has received an overwhelming level of support for its appeal to social media giant Facebook over proposed legal action.

The LitterGram app, developed by Kent businessman Danny Lucas, aims to fight the litter epidemic that is evident in all areas across the UK.

Facebook, owner of the app Instagram, has instructed LitterGram to change its name due to the similarity of the suffix; the deadline for LitterGram to respond was Thursday 28th April.

In response, LitterGram made a personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg in a video posted on YouTube. The video, posted on 27th April was met with international coverage and support from individuals on social media.

Mr Lucas has since issued an update to the followers of LitterGram’s plea, informing them of the lack of response by Facebook or their lawyers.

Mr Lucas’ had this to say in response to the overwhelming amount of support: “The support we’ve received has been amazing, with so many people tweeting, retweeting and sharing our video message. #savelittergram went international, with LitterGram trending on Twitter and many news sites throughout the day.”

LitterGram will continue to request that the American company allow them to keep their name and spread the message that litter is a worsening condition throughout the UK that demands increased government attention and should be more widely discussed in education and society as a whole.

“We really hope that we can carry on and put the Great back into Britain with our amazing way of dealing with our litter crisis.”

It’s now the 29th and the deadline has come and gone with no correspondence from Facebook or Instagram, we’ll have more updates as the story unfolds.

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