Littergram Live is happening!

Littergram Live is here! It’s our new way of keeping our eye out on the litter crisis, the local councils and all you guys out there who use our app the way it was designed to be used; to report litter and to put a stop to fly tipping! So what is Littergram Live?

Littergram Live is our new feature which can be accessed on our website 24/7 and just like the title says; it’s live and it’s happening right now! Littergram Live is a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on in your local area and other areas across the country so we can tackle the litter crisis one county at a time. We’ve added some cool features so you can get involved too!

So what does Littergram Live include?

Most Littered Brands of the month

We hate litter! We want to stop it once and for all. Therefore, we’re going to name and shame the brands that people have been fly-tipping and littering across the country. If we notify these brands that their packaging have been littered, then perhaps it will make them think about the packaging they use and how harmful it can be for the environment?

Most Active users of the month

As much as we hate litter, we love our users who are constantly promoting Littergram’s message and are out there reporting litter in your local areas. We love showcasing the top users and how many litter cases you have reported each month. Whether you report one litter case, or 700, we want to say a massive thank you to all that are constantly out there making an impact. Littergram Live is our way of celebrating our current top five users, therefore we will always know who’s been busy!

Most Active Councils of the month

We love seeing local councils taking action and doing something to prevent the litter crisis, therefore we’re going to highlight those councils who are doing a great job in cleaning up the litter in their local areas. Our mission has always been to notify councils if litter has been reported and some unfortunately take too long to respond, or sometimes don’t take any action at all.

Most recent litter report

When litter has been reported, Littergram Live will know about it. You can see all the recent litter reports on a live stream notifying us which user has reported it, the location and a photo.

Latest tweets

Want to know what’s going on in the litter crisis world? We are always tweeting the latest stories that get published from local areas, statistics on how litter is currently affecting our planet, fun infographics with important information on and more! If you want to be in the know, we’ll be tweeting it! Follow us at @LitterGram!

Want to be part of the action? Head over to our Littergram live tab which can be seen at the bottom of our website. Or even better, why don’t you download the app and see if your username appears in our most active users of the month. Together, we can stop the litter crisis!