Corby: Northamptonshire’s flytipping hotspot

A recent article from the Northamptonshire Telegraph has claimed that Corby is north Northamptonshire’s flytipping hotspot. It suggests that there have been 1,926 incidents in the borough in 2016, yet nobody has been fined. And what’s even worse is that the items that have been dumped range from animal carcasses, asbestos and vehicle parts.

Here at LitterGram, we are not happy. This is everything that we stand against.

There seems to be no evidence of Corby Borough Council doing anything about it. When we tweeted the Corby Borough Council and other Corby based social accounts with the article, we had no response. Why are they not listening?

It’s now up to us to make sure that this rubbish gets cleaned up once and for all and with your help, we can stand together and clean up Corby!

So what can we do to stop Corby becoming a place where flytipping is acceptable? How can we stop people in the future from doing this!? We need to take action now and make sure the local council are informed of this. Here’s what you can do to raise your voice and help us:

Step 1 - Download the LitterGram app either on Android or on the Apple Store.

Step 2 - If you see litter, open the LitterGram app up and take photos of all the rubbish you spot in the area. Your current location will be automatically detected so we’ll know where the litter is.

Step 3 - Upload your photos on the LitterGram app and spread the word on social media. This way, your local council will automatically be tagged. The more people who raise a voice, the more we hope the council will do something about this.

Do we really want Corby to be known as a rubbish area? NO WE DON’T! We’ve now entered 2017 and flytipping is still an occurring and major problem within our community that sees our daily rubbish destroying our streets and neighbourhoods. This is evident from the recent article from the Guardian that flytipping is still happening.

So what are you waiting for? Download the LitterGram app today, spread awareness on social media and let’s make Corby and other areas of the UK clean again!

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