Facebook lets LitterGram keep its name

Dear Supporters,

Having agreed a year ago with Facebook to not trademark our LitterGram brand, we have since experienced 9 months of uncertainty when their lawyers wrote to us in April threatening action if we did not change our name because it contained the word "gram" which they saw as a threat to their Instagram app.

As a result of this we made a personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg to please drop any action against us and support our cause:


Despite a second attempt by Facebook in September requesting that we change our name, we are now pleased to announce that following all of our efforts, Facebook's lawyers have now dropped their case against us, allowing us to keep our name and wishing us continued success.

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We applaud Facebook for taking this admirable approach and thank them very much for lifting a weight from our shoulders that will allow to focus on the job in hand.

Littering in the UK has increased by 500% since the 1960's and Britain is now ranked the 3rd most littered nation globally at a cost of £1bn to the taxpayer.

The LitterGram app is driving a change across the UK by educating our children and the general public about the UK litter crisis and what they can do to change this. Since the LitterGram app was launched nearly two years ago we have changed and improved areas around the UK by putting power in the pockets of the general public to allow councils everywhere to work smarter and more efficiently and help put the "great" back into Britain.

LitterGram provides the UK's 40m smartphone users with a quick and easy way to take a picture of litter, fly-tipping and other related items and report its exact location directly to the clean up teams of all 433 UK councils within in a matter of seconds.

Councils not logged in to to the free LitterGram Mission Control centre can simply act on all LitterGram reports shared to their Twitter account.

Thank you again Facebook and our supporters.

Danny Lucas

LitterGram Creator and Founder