Education Partner

Join us on the journey to a cleaner Britain and be part of the momentum we are building. To sign your school up to the Education Partner program, please complete this form.

What is the LitterGram Education Partner program?

We have a crisis in Britain that gets ignored and walked past by many people each day: LITTER. Did you know that every 12 seconds somebody fly tips or that £1 billion per year is spent by taxpayers to clean up that litter?

Without help, the epidemic is only going to get worse; this is why we created LitterGram. LitterGram is an app that aims to re-educate the UK population and help solve the litter crisis. Users can report litter and other incidents by taking a photo, automatically notifying the local council.

We believe education is the key to positive change. You and the children at your school can help tackle the litter crisis by joining our Education Partner program.

LitterGram's Education Partner program is a new scheme designed to help raise the profile of litter champions in the community. Free resources including videos and posters are available to Education Partners so register today and wear your official partner logo with pride. In addition to this you will benefit from social media exposure and press opportunities to show off your hard work towards tackling the crisis.