Don’t let your holiday in the UK be ruined by litter

Many holiday goers across the UK will be going on a vacation within the nation this summer and hopefully the sun comes out for everyone during their time away.

Whether or not the weather takes a turn for the worse during your holiday there is one thing that is unfortunately becoming more of an issue at the country’s beauty spots - litter.

Litter is an epidemic that is growing more and more each day, with the United Kingdom being hailed as the third dirtiest country in the developed world and every one of us is able to take action this summer.

By downloading and using LitterGram you can directly report any litter or fly tipping you see on your holidays, days out, or walks in our country’s beautiful countryside.

Whenever you use LitterGram and post images of the litter and waste that you find in hedgerows, fields and streets the local council can then see the exact location of the litter on a map for their area, if you share the image on Twitter through the app the local council responsible for the clean-up is automatically tagged.

Every day more and more people are joining us to fight the litter epidemic that threatens to destroy all that makes Britain great; if you’re out on your holidays and you want to help make the UK a better place, use LitterGram to ensure Britain’s countryside is kept free of all that pollutes it.

We at LitterGram thank you for all of your support.

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