Britain's about to be cleaned up on a McMassive scale

A new move announced on Wednesday by the US hamburger giant, McDonalds, could mark a turning point for the UK's £1bn a year litter crisis, when plans to run a pilot home delivery service starting this summer were announced.

For many years, Britain has been blighted by discarded McDonalds packaging, which has placed them at the top of the national litter league tables produced by Britain’s main anti-litter organisations.

Most people would not dream of littering in their own properties so providing a home delivery service is a wise move by McDonalds that will ensure their discarded packaging ends up in a wheelie bin rather than on the street.

Danny Lucas, creator and founder of LitterGram, famed last year for it’s dispute with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and whose free app is now being used across Britain, said:-

“We have been trying to grab the attention of McDonalds for some time to take responsibility for their discarded packaging and help us educate their customers and in particular, children, who are our target audience. In fact our app users have sent hundreds of messages to McDonalds in the last year alone. Whilst McDonalds promotes and invests in a clean community around their stores, it is a fact that their litter footprint is way bigger than this and their discarded packaging lies in the verges of almost every street, road and lane in Britain. Without a doubt their litter is a big driver fueling a careless attitude and attracting others to toss litter out of their car and even fly-tip. Britain is currently a run down society and positioned as 3rd most littered nation globally at a cost to the tax payer of £1bn with many international tourist organizations now refusing to put Britain on their places to visit due to the sheer amount of litter”

He added:

"If this is rolled out nationally, which we hope will happen following the trial, this will trigger so many positives including an attitude and culture shift towards litter. The benefits will be mega and immeasurable. Not only will our children naturally become re-educated towards littering being socially unacceptable as a result of seeing less of it, it will re-invigorate our dwindling tourism industry thus creating more jobs as well and reduce the current £1bn per year spend on cleaning up Britain which can go towards other more worthy causes”

He concluded:

“McDonalds are a huge influence to our children and we are delighted to see them make this move which will support us in our mission to educate kids across the nation, eradicate the country of its litter crisis and put the great back into Britain. We hope that this initiative will now trigger other innovative ideas and actions from the other brands who all sit alongside McDonalds on the same league tables”

McDonald’s UK Chief Executive, Paul Pomroy, told the press:

“We will start with a delivery service from the right number of sites that gives us scale. I expect we will take a similar approach to the way we rolled out our app, starting small, learning quickly and scaling up very quickly”

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