Working with brands

Branded packaging represents the largest proportion of litter found in the streets, parks and hedgerows of the UK, and it’s rising steadily throughout the year.

LitterGram is a new way of dealing with litter and in the last 18 months we’ve become hugely popular around the country with many people using the app and local councils embracing LitterGram to help combat litter in their areas.

Our aims are now set on the younger generation and as such we are teaming up with schools throughout the country to help them educate children about the harms and dangers of littering. Our educational animation is a great example of this.

Our nation has become one where it’s socially acceptable to drop waste and, in the process, damage the environment; but we can make a difference with the help of brands.

Littergram explaining video

Food and drink packaging represents over 30% of litter in the UK and it has never been more important for the big brands to educate their customers and, more importantly, children about the UK litter crisis and what they can do to help put the great back into Britain.

With the free LitterGram app now spreading around the UK as the new way to report litter and with many councils now adopting our free LitterGram "Mission Control" centre to clean up our country, I am confident that our new "tag a brand" feature will help the big brands work with us to educate their customers so that one day littering in the UK becomes socially unacceptable and a spotless Britain becomes the norm.

~ Danny Lucas, LitterGram Creator and Founder

Tag a brand

As part of our ongoing development of the LitterGram app we are always adapting it to help us reach our goal of solving the litter crisis. Our latest feature will allow us to work with brands to eradicate litter; brand tagging.

Tag a brand allows LitterGram users to identify a brand's litter 'footprint' in addition to reporting the litter to the council responsible for the area.

Using this data, we can see the impact each brand has on the environment and identify grot spots where more education is required. By working in partnership with brands to educate the population, we can help instigate change that leads to a cleaner Britain!


A message to brands

With your help we can bring a wider level of awareness to the litter crisis in Britain. If the power of your brand works alongside our message of a socially responsible UK we can achieve our ultimate goal; putting the Great back into Britain.

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