Become an Education Partner

Britain’s streets are rife with waste that has been left strewn in every alley, gutter, and crevasse of the UK and we’d like you to help us fight this rising epidemic by showing children that they could make a better Britain.

We believe education is the key to positive change. You and the children at your school can help tackle the litter crisis by joining our Education Partner program.

If you choose to become an Education Partner of LitterGram you’re one step closer to a cleaner, greener, Britain and by helping us to reach the minds of the next generation you’ll be ensuring that the issue doesn’t go unnoticed in the future and helping us to inspire change.

What is an Education Partner?

If everyone works together to create a change in society then we’ll be working towards a better future where the streets are cleaner, and less hazardous, for generations to come; by becoming an Education Partner of LitterGran you will be given the resources you need to teach children the effects of litter in your area.

Videos, posters, and resources to organise litterpicks in your area are available to Education Partners so register today and wear your official partner logo with pride.