LitterGram Superheroes

Are you a passionate person who, like LitterGram, despises littering? We are looking for people to make their voices heard and help us fight the litter crisis head-on.

Join forces to fight litter. Become a LitterGram Superhero!

Join other like-minded litter haters and LitterGram app users and make a difference. We are looking for people that care for their local community to volunteer and make the noise that councils need to hear.

LitterGram is dedicated to teaching young people about the hazards of littering and we want our volunteers to help us drive a change of culture; by being a dedicated LitterGram Superhero you can partner with schools and show children how anti-social littering and flytipping is.

Don’t stand back or turn a blind eye to what others do when discarding their rubbish. If you are ready for action we are ready to crown you a LitterGram Superhero.

As a LitterGram Superhero you will help us recruit your local council and get their buy-in to adopt the free LitterGram tools. You will be volunteering your time, effort and passion to stop littering in your County. With our help you will;

- Engage your local council with positive communication and networking.
- Share your community spirit and encourage new LitterGram users to sign up.
- Attend council meetings and events to drive change in the community.